NFC South QB


NFC South QB Ranking:

Tampa Bay , one of the NFC South teams ranked in the top 10 by ESPN, made a good move by signing Tom Brady and surrounding him with key playmakers to protect him better. All though he had to play under difficult circumstances last year, Brady was still the NFL’s best at completing the deep ball. Also adding Brady was a great improvement and great way to bring another great addition, “Gronkowski”.
The only con or question is, without Belichek, can Brady win another ring. And at his age, will he get it done before he retires?
Even though, fans criticized him for a weak arm, the stats speak differently. Atlanta Falcons, have a chance in the NFC South with Matt Ryan. With Matt Ryan being among of the NFL’s best deep passers last season. Which gives them a great start for the 2020 season. Being ranked in the top 18 of the leagues 32 teams by ESPN, gives them a good chance. But they have to start strong and as long as Ryan keeps throwing to Ridley, at a 4.43 speed, they are good.
New Orleans, ranked as one of ESPN’s top 10 in the NFC South with there long time QB Drew Bree’s. With Bree’s taking the season off last season to weigh out his options to either retire or return, he has decided to stay and signed a 2 year deal for 50 million. This is a good deal for the now 41 year old QB but don’t count Bree’s out yet. He still has energy left in the tank. But in the meantime, the Saints resign flex QB Taysom Hill and sign Tampa Bay Bucs former starter, Jameis Winston, on a one year deal. Saints will need to start looking for their next franchise QB.
Carolina Panthers signed New Orleans Saints back up QB, Teddy Bridgewater, for a 3 year deal worth 63 million. The Panthers have officially moved on from Cam Newton, Bridgewater has proven himself last season and stepping in for Drew Bree’s with a completion of 67.7%, passing yards of 1370″ o touch downs and 2 interceptions. He will also be reunited with OC, Joe Brady, who was on the Saints staff for the 2017 -2018 season. I think he will be most valuable teamed up with running back, Christian McCaffrey, along with young wide receivers, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel.