AFC South: Teams Betting Odds To Win The Division In 2021


As the 2021 NFL regular season gets closer and closer, a few of the biggest betting sportsbooks around the country have already started picking the teams that they see as favorites to win each division. The AFC South should be one of the more interesting ones to keep an eye on. Let’s take a look at the favorites in this division and the odds of each team winning it this year.


The first two teams that come to mind as AFC South favorites are the Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts. The Tennessee Titans just recently acquired Julio Jones in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons, and many believe that this move makes them the better of the two teams to win the division. However, as we can see, the odds are still very tight between these two teams: FanDuel and Bovada sportsbooks actually have both as co-favorites to claim the division crown. Fanduel’s odds are at +110 for both teams, while Bovada’s are at +115. On the other hand, DraftKings has the Titans ranked as favorites just barely over the Colts, with Tennessee’s odds at +110 and Indy’s at +115.

Moving on to the other two AFC South teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans are both being viewed as longshots to win the division this year. On DraftKings, the Jags’ odds are at +700, while the Texans odds are at +2800. FanDuel’s odds for both teams are just about the same, with Jacksonville at +700 and Houston at +2700. Only Bovada gave the Texans a little more hope with their odds, putting them higher at +2200, while the Jaguars still remained at +700. It will definitely be interesting to see which of these two teams finishes with a better record this season. However, unless injuries derail both Tennessee and Indianapolis respectively, neither Jacksonville nor Houston should be looked at as a safe bet to finish atop of the AFC South in 2021.