Myles Murphy 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Clemson defensive end Myles Murphy looks on during a game on Oct. 1, 2022. (Icon Sportswire / Getty Images)

The NFL Combine is just a week away, and many teams and prospects are preparing to head toward Indianapolis for the greatest display of pure athleticism on the NFL calendar. Prospects will show off their speed, agility, and strength in performing various drills in front of NFL evaluators, in addition to completing medicals and interviews with teams across the league. Several prospects generate significant buzz each year with their performances, and I believe Clemson’s 6’5″ 276 lb. defensive end Myles Murphy will be one of the event’s stars next week. Let’s dive into his tape!

Strengths: Murphy is a physical specimen with a great combination of athleticism and strength. He possesses good size, yet moves remarkably well. His first-step quickness is nearly unmatched, and he combines it with good timing off the snap to instantly have the advantage on pass-rush reps. His upfield burst troubles many offensive linemen, and he has good bend at the top of his rush to flatten to the quarterback. Murphy is extremely powerful, regularly getting into the opponent’s chest and pushing him back into the quarterback. He does well to disengage and make a play on the quarterback when he reaches that point in his rush. Altogether, these traits allow him to apply pressure in his pass rush constantly. Murphy is a really high-effort player who will do anything to work his way back to the quarterback late in the play. This energy extends to his run defense, as he makes a lot of plays in space by using his speed and agility to track down the ball carrier. Murphy’s change of direction is really impressive. He is stout at the point of attack and does not get moved by opposing run blockers. Murphy is used in coverage at times, either in zone coverage a few steps off the line of scrimmage or by picking up the check-down option in man coverage. His abilities to fulfill these duties are truly remarkable for his size and speak to his immense athletic talent. 

Weaknesses: Murphy is heavily reliant on his athletic traits because they are often enough to get him to the quarterback. He is quite raw from a technical standpoint against both the pass and the run. He does not really deploy pass-rush moves and will need to improve in this area to have great success in the NFL against better offensive linemen. Murphy should also look to keep his pad level low consistently so he can maintain good leverage and wreak even more havoc with his ability to convert speed to power. He also lacks counters on the rare occasions when the offensive lineman does take advantage during the rep. Against the run, Murphy’s handwork to disengage is quite raw, resulting in him not getting the most out of his abilities in this phase of the game. His awareness and discipline are not ideal either, as he struggles to locate the ball carrier in the hole at times and can happen to void his gap too. 

Bottom Line: Murphy possesses elite traits that make him a constant menace as a pass-rusher, as his first-step quickness, agility, and power are elite. His technique needs improvement, as his hand usage against both the run and the pass is quite raw. Without much refinement, Murphy will likely be a good NFL player because of the extent of his physical and athletic talents, but he does need to significantly progress technically to reach his All-Pro potential.