Monday, September 25, 2023

Head Coach and General Manager Hot Seat Part 8: NFC East

Welcome to the eighth and final installment of the Head Coach and GM Hot Seat series! Week one of the preseason is underway and...

Best odds for Defensive Rookie of the Year

This past Wednesday, I shared my thoughts on who would be my choice for Offensive Rookie of the Year. For this article, we will...
Most Versatile Weapons In The NFL

Washington Football Team “Most Versatile Weapons on Offense”

In 2020, the Washington Football Team had an offensive cast that was schemed in multiple positions to create mismatches and keep defenses honest. If...

Where Should Carson Wentz Go

The Philadelphia Eagles have benched Carson Wentz. That by no means the young quarterback who flashed star potential in Philly time is over. But...

What the Patrick Mahomes Contract Means for Others

Patrick Mahomes not only reset the QB market but he shattered it. Mahomes signed a 10-year contract extension that could end up being worth...

The Dak Contract Situation

Dak Prescott new contract is rumored to set the record as the highest paid player in NFL history. This is a prime example of...